Corporate Values

Health and Safety. We conduct our activities with a focus on maintaining and continually improving the safety and health of employees, contractors, service providers, and the public. We seek to enhance, whenever possible, the safety and health of the population in the area impacted by our operations.

Sustainability. We develop copper and silver resources in a manner that secures long term benefit to the local and regional population, all associated governments, our investors, our employees and the Company. This involves:

  • Protecting the environment throughout the life cycle of the resource in accordance with international best practice;
  • Conducting our business in a manner which enhances the well-being of the people affected by our activities;
  • Safeguarding the local and regional population’s access to clean air and water, transportation and other quality of life infrastructure;
  • Respecting and making wise use of scarce resources wherever we operate.

Integrity. We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and respect for the local and regional population and environment. We observe and obey the rule of law of the national, regional and local governments in the areas that we operate.

Ethical Standards. All Company personnel are expected to maintain high ethical standards of conduct including dealing fairly with the Company’s suppliers, competitors, external advisers, employees, customers and investors. We do this by avoiding conflicts of interest, protecting confidential company information, and complying with the Company’s internal control and accounting policies. We adhere to all provisions of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and related international regulations when dealing directly or indirectly with government officials or agents.